Boise Idaho Area Facts, Recreation, and Information

Boise is Idaho's most populated city, in 2014 it was estimated at having 216,282 residents. In fact, Boise is the third most populated area in the Northwest United States, sitting behind Seattle, WA and Portland, OR

Boise is situated in the southwestern part of the state of Idaho and is only about 40 miles away from the Oregon border and about 100 miles away from the Nevada border. It's elevation is around 2,700 feet above sea level. A large majority of the city sits in a flat plain, yet to the north and southeast are what are referred to as the Boise foothills and mountains. 

The city really has all four seasons and a semi-arid climate. Boise's summers get warm and most of the days are boasting 90 degree Fahrenheit temperatures. The winter's average about 30 degrees Fahrenheit with around 20 inches of snowfall annually. It really is a lovely place to live and visit, with great climate, culture, and scenery. 

Camping, fishing, RVing, boating, and other types of outdoor recreation are just right outside of your back door in the state of Idaho. You really do not need to drive very far to reach a lake, a camping area, mountains to hunt or hike, and more. A wonderful part of living and/or visiting parts of the Northwest, be it in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, and Washington, is that outdoor recreation, beautiful scenery, and other fun opportunities are abound.